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March 13, 2016

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In Bitter Plants, you take on the role of a worker bee, trying to collect pollen for your hive. To succeed, you have to solve the Riddle of the Flowers for each backyard you encounter. Standing in your way are angry grasshoppers, deadly beewolves, and meddling humans. Your demanding queen bee needs that pollen, though, and she's doesn't tolerate failure!

Bitter Plants is a fun, mind-bending puzzle game played on a hexagon-grid. As a worker bee, you collect pollen by visiting areas of the backyard. When you visit an area, you deposit seeds there that grow in that area and all surrounding areas. You have to be careful, though -- too many flowers in one area will cause all the flowers to wither and fade away. If that didn't make things challenging enough, you also only have a limited number of seeds for each yard -- so you have to plan your journey carefully. Grow flowers exactly where the queen bee demands and you can move on to the next yard.

FULL Bitter Plants Press Kit with Trailer
FULL Bitter Plants Press Kit without the Trailer
Online Trailer Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGiNnE43oEs
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Bitter Plants was originally the idea of my son, Alex. He asked me one day if he could design a game. "Of course you can, I said, what kind of game do you want to play?" He described a game where you put down markers of different colors, and then if the colors are different they combine into a new color and you'd get points for that. We talked about all kinds of ideas for making the game challenging -- like limiting the number of counters you could place, trying to meet goals for different colors, having walls that would get in your way, grasshoppers that would make things more difficult, or honey bees that would make things easier. After a couple days of planning and testing, I came up with a set of rules and a game board, and the first paper prototype of our little hexagon game was ready. I started showing the game to members of the local indie game community, and quickly realized this game had a LOT of potential, and I needed to develop it further.

  • The design and programming for the core mechanics and rules took about 8 weeks.
  • After showing it to more people, I quickly realized people wanted to make their own boards so they could challenge their friends. So, I added a board-builder mode where you could create new boards.
  • I applied for and was accepted into Glitch's "Power Leveling" program. This program would pay for a Full Access ticket to GDC 2016. I was thrilled, excited, and nervous all at the same time!
  • Almost immediately after the board-builder was complete, playtesters didn't think it was really complete unless you also had a way to see new and popular boards and vote on them. This seemed like it would not be very hard to add, so I added this as well.
  • I began showing the game to more people, including Play/Test groups at Glitch. Glitch sent me to the 2016 Game Developer's Conference (GDC) through its PowerLeveling program (thank you Glitch!!!). Lots of great feedback! More changes, more awesome!
  • I submitted Bitter Plants for the GlitchCon Minnecade, adding a multiplayer couch-coop mode, and finally completing the game trailer (all in about 3 days - eek!)
  • Bitter Plants was shown at BushCon2016, where it sparked a lot of interesting conversation about Experiential Learning, and Cooperative vs. Competitive gameplay.


  • Builder Mode that lets you Create Your Own yard puzzles and challenge friends!
  • Story Mode that lets you follow the early development of your hive. Solve the puzzles to unlock the story!
  • Bee Politics! Vote on your favorite yards, or reach the top of the leaderboards with your own fiendish puzzles!
  • Hero Collector! Can you find the super-rare Venus Flytrap, or the elusive Blue Rose? Show off your collection!


Trailer YouTube



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    - Darrel Cusey, Website

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About Lakehome Games, LLC

Lakehome Games is an American independent game studio made of Darrel & Karen Cusey, building video games and video game development tools since 2004.

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Bitter Plants Credits

Darrel Cusey
Business & Development, Lakehome Games

Karen Cusey
Artist, Manager of Mayhem, Lakehome Games

Alex Cusey
Game Designer, Composer & Musician, Lakehome Games

Adam May
Concept Art, Artwork & Animation

Matt Stock
Concept Art, Artwork, & Promotional Art

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